Ocean Freight

Rooskens Group has been active in shipping of freight shipments since 1997. Both container and conventional, we provide excellent services and handling. We provide sea freight via a specific network at strategic locations in the major ports of the world.

We provide seagoing services through a specific network of partners at strategic locations in the major ports of the world with exceptional flexibility. For all your container and conventional shipments.



Rooskens Group has been active in inland shipping (barge) for a long time and offers a unique combination of transfer and stowage by truck, container and barge. Starting from the different loading ports in the Netherlands and Belgium (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen/Terneuzen and Antwerp), our ships sail for the hinterland of Europe, from the Netherlands to the Black Sea. Modern barges carry high-quality products such as cellulose, fertilizer, potassium, phosphates, cement, coal, ores, livestock feed and containers.


Transport by barge has the following advantages:

  • It is very suitable for both national and international shipping;
  • It’s relatively cheap in comparison with other types of transports;
  • Inland shipping is fast, certainly when it comes to large volumes;
  • Inland shipping is relatively eco-friendly and safe;
  • It is very reliable and practical;
  • There are no hinderances from traffic jams;


As an independent service provider we always keep in mind your ideas, wishes and needs to find you the right ship, in the right time and at the right place. Whether it’s for one-time transport or for transport on a regular basis, we are the right partner for you.

Container Transport

Container Transport

Since 1997, Rooskens Group has been active in arranging the transport of shipments by sea. Both per container and conventionally, we provide outstanding service and handling, no matter where in the world your goods need to be picked up or delivered!

We arrange transport of sea freight via a specific network of partners in strategic places in the large ports of the world, offering exceptional flexibility for all your conventional and container shipments.


What Rooskens Shipping offers you:

  • FCL/LCL transport;
  • Various types of containers (e.g. 20”, 40”, 40” High Cube and Flatracks);
  • A specialization in reefer cargo;
  • Conventional transport;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Import and export;
  • A world-wide network of agents;
  • A regular contact person;
  • Competitive sea freight rates;
  • Door-to-door FCL & LCL organization.


Apart from taking over administrative burdens and the convenience of having one contact for customs documents, sea freight transport and pre- and on-carriage, you can profit from competitive rates by doing business with the Rooskens Group through the collective purchase of thousands of TUE per year.

Container Trucking

Container Trucking

With Rooskens Group, you’re at the right place for your container transport, both by truck and by barge. By arranging every transport individually with service and quality, we differentiate ourselves from our fellow transporters.


What advantages Rooskens Group offers you:

  • We are familiar with every container terminal and depot;
  • We’re familiar with IMO and necessary safety requirements;
  • We can arrange all kinds of containers (e.g. 20”, 40”, 40” High Cube and Flatracks), including reefers;
  • We can arrange transport within the ports by barge.


By combining trains, barges and trucks, we can always provide an efficient and sustainable solution.


We can be of service from, among others, the ports below:

  • Rotterdam;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Antwerp;
  • Hamburg;
  • Bremen


For advice about possibilities and prices, you can contact our Shipping Department without any obligations!

Storage / Transshipment

Storage / Transshipment

Rooskens Group is pleased to provide you with the transshipment of bulk and project loads and other conventional loads. We work as an independent service provider, which has significant advantages for you as a customer. That way, we always find the most efficient and effective solution for you. But not only, the lines are short. Each of our customers has only one contact point for the entire logistics. This is experienced as very pleasant.

Whether the goods are to be transshipped and stored by rail, barge, container or other transport options, we always find the best location for you, both strategic and professionals. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge contribute to this.


We are pleased to inform you about our extensive support services. Think about:

  • Customs
  • Value added logistics
  • Inhouse logistics
  • Road Transport
  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight

Reefer Cargo

Ocean Freight

Rooskens Shipping is the largest independent reefer forwarder of the Netherlands. We achieved this by continuously investing in our staff, processes and partners, so that our customers are always assured of professional advice and excellent service.

Reefers (refrigerated containers) are the ideal solution for temperature-dependent products that need temperature controlled transport or storage. A very broad assortment of goods can be transported by reefers, for example:

  • Vegetables and fruit;
  • Poultry and other meat products;
  • Drinks;
  • Dairy (e.g. cheese and eggs);


We offer you advice on the following points of attention concerning reefer cargo:

  • Temperature;
  • Temperature differences and/or data loggers;
  • The capacity of reefers;
  • Pre- and on-carriage;
  • Veterinary inspections;
  • Demurrage and detention;
  • Plug-ins;


Reefer Cargo

The transport of reefer containers is more complicated than transport with regular containers. Our drivers are trained to properly and carefully load and unload these shipments. They pay attention to:

  • Hygiene;
  • PTI/checks with empty and full set-ups;
  • Temperature, humidity and ventilation;
  • Payloads and weights;
  • Generator settings in terms of temperature and the operation of the containers.


We make sure that temperatures will be forwarded to the terminals.

Short Sea

Short Sea

Rooskens Group provides transport services in collaboration with its short sea partners. Short sea often offers a solution where trucking is too expensive, or when the volume of the freight is too limited for a coastal trading vessel.

The great strength of Rooskens Group lies in the ability to combine short sea with other modalities such as rail freight transport and inland shipping, so that we can provide our customers with the most efficient solution for their entire transport chain.

Because Rooskens Group is able to handle large volumes and collaborates well with local partners and shipping companies, we can also provide outstanding logistic processing like customs, storage, transfer and delivery to your end customer.


The benefits of short sea transport with Rooskens Group are:

  • Many ports due to the large coastline of Europe;
  • Unlimited shipping capacity;
  • Eco-friendly transport;
  • Affordable, competitive rates.


We’re happy to advise you on options, routes and sea harbors, so feel free to contact us!