Rooskens Group sees (the future of) their company as a family company. Since Martijn Rooskens founded Rooskens Transport in 1988, it has developed into a major logistics and supply chain management organization. Reliability, progress and a long-term vision on among other things, knowledge development are ways in which we help you to optimize your company’s  performance.

Rooskens was founded in 1988 as a transport company. In 1993, it changed to it’s expedition activities and was renamed Rooskens BV, with a specialization in transports to Western Europe.

The start of MR Expeditie BV in 1995 led to an expansion of activities in the other parts of Europe. Due to gained experience and investments, a close-knit network with reliable partners was built in Europe.

Following multiple requests, overseas expeditions began with the establishment of Rooskens Shipping BV. For this, a specific network of partners was chosen at strategic places these where primarily in the major ports of the world.

Because of the expansion, a dicision was made to move to our current offices located in Buggenum in 2003. In this picturesque village, a team was created with local employees who continued the family company’s atmosphere. Currently, Rooskens Group has 25 employees who unburden our customers from their transport-related activities with short lines of communication.

History in a nutshell

  •     1988 start of Rooskens Transport
  •     1993 start of Rooskens BV – Expedition activities
  •     1995 start of MR Expeditie BV
  •     2001 start of Rooskens Shipping BV
  •     2003 New office building in Buggenum
  •     2007 start of Air freight activities
  •     2009 start of Food shipping overseas
  •     2014 start of the Cool/Freeze department of road transport
  •     2015 start of Port related activities
  •     2017 start specialization in transport to and from France
  •     2018 start events
  •     2019 start Germany returns
  •     2020 start Pharma


Rooskens Group strives to offer customers and clients, both domestic and abroad, the best solution for all their logistical questions. By continuously investing in knowledge, innovation and efficiency. We provide a suitable solution for a competitive price in which our customers’ wishes are always central. In addition, we want to create the best working environment for people who share our passion, to offer our customers unprecedented and added value all together.


You can read here the Rooskens Group company presentation